Sunday, 5 April 2020


Month of march starting from the weeks God really humbled me down and letting me to share to my co worker in Christ,what i have done,not keeping Jesus in the first place and keeping my own priority taking His place.I came to know only when i lost my purse with cash and ATM at that time i repent befor God and prayed two nights and then i got my ATM.
But not purse i knew that God is teaching me to be sincere in my tithes as i rejoice sharing my experience to my fellow workers in ywam challenging them through my weakness.God conform me through the word of life Is 61:2.


Asking God to heal the land from covid19 and asking God to forgive the sins of the world as a team and as a family behalf of the sinful world.We ourself first went befor God and cryout for His forgiveness of our sin,through fasting and prayer we have seen God was uniting the believers, missionaries, families during this time and making everyone of us strong as never before,and even i felt strongly that God was multiplying the churches 100s time more as voices come out from every single houses on sundays,Though the church building were closed.
Being lockdown and with all this news and my health issue it really broken my spirit,when i came to know from Doctor that my Thyroid is high carrying 4months baby in my womb,it was very much hard for me to believe but i trusted the Lord who created me and plan for my baby and God strengthen me with His living word 1cor10:13,James5:17 and Mark11:24.
What iam doing is earnestly praying and waiting for miracle in our land and in my health.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Few prayer points:
1)Pray for my husband for support till now i have only the support and we both are surviving with my support.
2)Pray for God's mercy on the land so that by this month healing will take place.
3)Pray for me 4months pregnant i can't eat food and no appetite.
      Blessing to all.

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