Thursday, 9 July 2020


This was our first sunday to come together in Jesus name,we felt the desperation of our heart to glorify Jesus in one Spirit.Calling our team member to our place with the family it was a very blessed time inspite of all the boundaries God make a way for us.

                  VALUING INDIVIDUAL
It was always a joy to do something new which i have not done before specially for my sister yet i have done to others new thing keeping as surprice for them but last many years it never came to my mind to surprice  my own sister on her birthday or just to celebrate her birthday though she has been a blessing to me on my birthday.
But this time God open my eyes to value her by celebrating her birthday during this pendemic time when shops were closed but since it was God who lead me to do on her birthday week the shops were open and we could able to celebrate her birthday with the team and family first time.

It is a rainy season,months and months it's rains here.where we need to be ready with umbrella and good shoe or sandal.I realized my husband doesn't have the sandal and no umbrella to protect us from rain so one day both of us we talked about the sandal that he need but our budget was very tight to buy so it was just a small voice from us that we need sandal,and God heard our small or little voice and He send the person to bless us exactly what we need at this moment umbrella for me and sandal for my husband.God is faithful when we put our faith in God.
Thank you for reading my blog and praying for us.
Here is my prayer points:
1)Strength of God on my delivery.
2)Wisdom of God for my husband and my family on the delivery day.
3)Protection upon baby and for normal delivery.

Friday, 5 June 2020


Even in times as this,God's name is always lifted high wether we go out and call a mass gathering or not,He will be always in high.
As i was asking God to open creative doors to do something that will glorify His name and i was waiting for the opportunity and just after that week phone call came from a family who needs prayer for their new born baby,i was filled with joy to go and visit the family not only the family of the new born baby but after reaching there one buddhist family they ask for the prayer  to pray for their son who have a lung cancer,it was the time that i feel that God works will never stop and no one can stop no matter what situation comes i got priviledge to share who my God is,and what He can do then we prayed for the son and the whole family.This is how anywhere anytime God's name is glorifying.


Seeing fear and doubts in our staffs who are working with us in the same mission God use me and my husband to boost them up in the spirit by connecting through technology of this days mobile whatsapp we encourage them to keep ourself busy in going deeper in the word of God,so we start our bible study everyday,it really help them and it helps us too ,to see through our life how we are growing in the Lord and how we can make right with God.During this pandemic time God taught us many things one of them is valuing the Relationships to build our relationship more stronger, me and my husband went and help them in their need when they were shifting the rooms this is how we tried to show our love and concern for them.
This is how God is preparing me and my husband in different areas of our life so that it will be fruitful in the coming days.
Thank you for reading my blog may God bless all.
Few prayer points:
1)Need more Wisdom as a new couple and going to be new papa and mom.
2)More doors to open for ministry with the lost soul.
3)Ask the Lord to add more numbers of people who will join the bible training though online.
               Thank you for your prayer.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

               *HIS POWER IN MY HEALTH*

As we went keep looking for the Doctor clinic to do my blood test which was required during pregnancy so we tested and the result brings joy in me it was normal the result of my thyroid.
God's power control over my health and we went to the doctor to show my report at that time all the hospitals were sealed for covid 19 so we decided to go by walk to a private hospital which was very far and it was very expensive,still then God's strength was with us and His provision for appointment with Doctor was never fail.


Psalm 145 A psalm of praise. ... Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works.As this time God really took me to a deeper understanding of His plan with His children,and how much He is trying to reveal His great love for us that we can't get in the world unless we empty ourself with all this things that makes us busy,i understood this is the time God want us to give our best time with God & families and to become warrior of christ by standing in the gap for the world.
When the half of the world were worried and crying for food as for me i surrender my life my health family everything to God there was not even a small thing i was worried for,
instead unexpected time,unexpected different provision and unexpected people bless us on our door.It was not only for our 3meal provision but also the things that my baby need in my womb the fruits i have seen the fulfillment of the scripture again after 15yrs the same scripture came alive before me, 2cor12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. ” Therefore I will boast all the more ...This is how my faith grows stronger.

This is how God bless me during nation lockdown time.Thank you for reading my blog.
Please remember us in your prayer time.
Here are some few prayer points:
1)Pray for people for God's blessings in their familes who have blessed us.
2)Pray for opportunity to share our faith during this pendemic time.
3)Praise God for the appetite that now i can able to eat food well.
     Thank you blessings Annu.

Sunday, 5 April 2020


Month of march starting from the weeks God really humbled me down and letting me to share to my co worker in Christ,what i have done,not keeping Jesus in the first place and keeping my own priority taking His place.I came to know only when i lost my purse with cash and ATM at that time i repent befor God and prayed two nights and then i got my ATM.
But not purse i knew that God is teaching me to be sincere in my tithes as i rejoice sharing my experience to my fellow workers in ywam challenging them through my weakness.God conform me through the word of life Is 61:2.


Asking God to heal the land from covid19 and asking God to forgive the sins of the world as a team and as a family behalf of the sinful world.We ourself first went befor God and cryout for His forgiveness of our sin,through fasting and prayer we have seen God was uniting the believers, missionaries, families during this time and making everyone of us strong as never before,and even i felt strongly that God was multiplying the churches 100s time more as voices come out from every single houses on sundays,Though the church building were closed.
Being lockdown and with all this news and my health issue it really broken my spirit,when i came to know from Doctor that my Thyroid is high carrying 4months baby in my womb,it was very much hard for me to believe but i trusted the Lord who created me and plan for my baby and God strengthen me with His living word 1cor10:13,James5:17 and Mark11:24.
What iam doing is earnestly praying and waiting for miracle in our land and in my health.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Few prayer points:
1)Pray for my husband for support till now i have only the support and we both are surviving with my support.
2)Pray for God's mercy on the land so that by this month healing will take place.
3)Pray for me 4months pregnant i can't eat food and no appetite.
      Blessing to all.

Saturday, 7 March 2020


Mission to start looking for house with faith, not knowing when? How? Where? God will provide?But with prayer every morning and with action every evening going out for searching house for us.Trusting God what God will plan, will be the best plan for us whether this time we get or not,we will be obedient to God.
From this month we put up new prayer points specially for Buddhist people as me and my husband we are really praying for new God's choosen Buddhist leaders to raise up and lead many to Christ,because last 10yrs we haven't seen even one person coming out for monpa Buddhist people.So this time we felt my husband and me have to start praying for this.One Sunday I was so much filled with emotions thinking that why? no one is ready for Buddhist world? And also I was thinking who will take care of this small Buddhist fellowship? If God call me somewhere to work,what will happen to this fellowship? all this makes me worry and at that moment God spoke to me, and He said to me eventhough nobody stand for this people God will still stand for them. That sunday when God reveal His heart and my heart was lighter after I received His word.


As I grew up I have never checked back my childhood time. But this time I strongly felt that God was taking me back to my childhood life with my elder sister,it was one night while I was talking with Joseph and my heart was start melting for my sister which I never felt in my whole life, I was crying and sharing to Joseph that my love for my sister should be more and my behavior towards her was not good when we were young I was repenting and feeling very bad and I can very strongly feel that it was not me want to love my sister but it was God who love for the family.


This is something that whole month I was led by God as I didn't expect to do. Joseph was sharing about his life and about his family how he grew up in the family and his siblings specially he was sharing about his parents life which was so hard,and it encourages me to pray for him and his family secretly so I prayed to God to remove the curse of poverty from their family. As I started praying for their family I felt something was released from their family and I got the word from God Isaiah 60:5,11 and it really helps me to see his family unbound from the chain.God is good all the time God is powerful all the time.
 Few prayer points.
1)Pray for good health upon our family.
2)Pray that we will able to get right house right time.
3)Pray for positive response from the Doctor as I will be meeting Doctors this week.
       Thank you everyone for reading my blog and praying for my family.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020


God has a plan and His plan nobody can understand the good plans for His children,though it may be difficult to understand at first why it happen?why it didn't work out?What is next?all this questions can come when we didn't see God's plan clearly.Sometimes His plan comes with the surprises and sometimes with long waiting prayer that comes with the success.As God plan for our family this 2020 it was something that change our plan which was planned from last year me and my husband for this January.According to God's plan we came to know that iam pregnant and Doctor suggested me not travel anywhere for 3months,with big heart and with understanding of God's plan i choose to let my husband go for this important training LTS,which is very important for both of us for the future ministry.At first i don't understand at all and because i was struggling with nause and health issue but when the ywam outreach team came from Lonavala,i realized it was me who prayed for team to come in our base and to do ministry together and God answerd my prayer by bringing the team here,working with the kids,and even refreshing us by their presece.
This is how God prepared me in my health and even making me understand to be Joyful to recieve His blessings which is in my womb.Opening up my small understanding of life,which is so beautiful and precious i have understand to take care of myself as God value my life,He honored with His eyes when He sees me,He is my strength too,word of God has been my encourager whenever i feel low and this time also He the word of God stood with me when i need very much.Isaiah 49:5.
This is how God put His plan before our plan.Iam blessed as well as my husband.
Thank you for reading my blog.

My few prayer points:
1)Please pray God's hand upon me and upon the baby which is in my womb.
2)Pray for God's provision as a family we are praying for more financial support.
3)Pray for us to get 2 bedroom house.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020


I understood the plan of God,facing lots of challenges after challenges after our wedding even from our ministry staff the only brother who works with us got admitted in the hospital for his appendix operation.Serving in the faith base ministry sometimes we really find difficult in the area of medical treatment but we know God will never fail to help us to keep our faith strong,when Doctor told my husband to buy medicene for the operation in our hand there was no cash, so my husband went in emergency to get the medicene which cost more than 6000/ and he gave away his watch which was our wedding gift and he gave his old mobile too,I know God will not leave things like this so he send the believers to bless for his medicene and we could able to get back his watch and mobile this way of God leading teach me something great and helping me to understand his level of faith in our life.

God has led us to lead the children to be a messanger of God this christmas and even God open our eyes to see God's involvement in our monpa advent Christmas,i was depending on people so much seeing their last performance in the fellowship but i was wrong i learned giving responsibility to someone is not just appointing the person for work but also making sure from the person that they are ready,this advent christmas taught me alot when responsible people didn't turn up to take their responsibility and we four of us have to take up everything,it was very much discouragement movement for me when they were not serious with my words but a5 the same time my God was ready with surprises and He send two helper to help us they were more than 10 people in the programe this is how we were blessed at the end and learned many things through up and down in life. 

It was first going to manipur my husband village as a Christmas speaker.I had a very challenging time their as i reach there i was not well for 10-15 days i could'nt able to eat and getting up from the bed was so painful i lost my energy and time was near for Christmas and i have to speak so i prayed to God for miracle and early morning on 25th of December on my bed God gave me the scripture from Isaiah 40:31 Lord will renew my strength as i hope in the Lord,the moment i received i got up from the bed and i could go to church and preach the word of God.I have learned how to hold on God's word and fight back the deceiver.
Here my few prayer points.
1)Pray for faithful worker to work with us.
2)Pray for our monpa fellowship to get a plot of land to build church.
3)Pray for my husband Joseph to receive God's revelation as he attain LTS in nepal he will be anointed by God.