Saturday, 7 December 2019


After our wedding as we start our journey of life,as a husband and wife it was a time to see my husband how I grew up and how my families live in a small town call Tawang and the climate food traditions etc?When he saw all and experience it was bit difficult to me also to make him understand as we face challenges from all.Though it was tough time,i learned to be grateful to God as now I'm not standing alone in prayer but I'm standing with my husband in prayer we both will fight the good fight, God use both of us to sing a gospel song and praise Him by leading non believers to sing gospel song with us,God is so powerful that even He can use non believers lips to glorify Him by worshipping Him.

                LIGHT IN THE DARKEST HOUR.

Hope keeps alive the desire that we have to reach out the Buddhist villagers,that hope become a light for the dark place and light for hopeless people.As me and my husband went to one of the village call Lumla which is near to Bhutan border were we met some of our co-workers in Christ, hearing from them the challenges that they are facing it,was not very easy so both of us we got an opportunity to lift their spirit with prayer and also going together with them for night prayer walk and visiting the believers at night hearing their family issues,their broken and painful heart.It melt our heart for them. This is how last few weeks God was showing us His continues work by bringing challenges in our personal life too.
It makes us more prepared for coming days.

Prayer:1)Pray for God's protection upon our journey to manipur and anointing of God for both of us as we both are Christmas and New year speaker.
2)Pray for my mom this Christmas she will be alone at home for God's protection.
3)Pray for God's love to grow more in our families and wisdom to care our family.

Thursday, 7 November 2019


God brought my broken family back on my wedding, it was not only two new soul joining day, but it was also the day of healing and joining the old families as I always desire to see my families together and it happened on my wedding I was out of joy seeing my grandparents become so emotional and I understood how much God care for my family and He already planned well long back for my family. Our God is a God of relationship and He cares and value the relationship He never want anyone to separate from each other and He hate disunity thats how He want us to be together.


Beautiful weather God the creator gives on my wedding,as we asked for and it was His daughter and son's wedding.Rain stop when the creator order one day before my wedding,friends and family arrived safely when God directs the way of the driver.Helping hands were protected when God controls the fire.All the non believers were blessed attending my wedding some of them it was first time entering the church and seeing holy marriage,they saw God's greatness and His great love for His people and His abundant provision on my wedding, I could able to witnessed who God is before all my unsaved relatives on my wedding that was my long time heart desire to let them know who my God is.

Prayers :-
1)Pray for God's love to grow in us as a new couple.
2)Pray for more and better God's work through us as a family.
3)Pray for God's protection upon our family.
Thank you! 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Power in prayer in few months,God revealed to me that He is a God who cares for me and my every small needs.I can't believe that Iam getting married this month october 17th.
Years of prayer has answered this time.We start with 2000/ Blessings of money which we got from one of Joseph's friend,as we keep praying for the rest of our wedding expenditure God supplies every needs of our wedding.The word of God in psalms 46:1
encourage me God is ever present help in trouble.And He did it on 23th of September everything was provided by God and on that evening i was released from stress at 6pm i slept of without knowing anything and direct i woke up next morning 7:30am this happens to me for the first time ever i realized God gave me the sweet rest on that evening.Ecclesiastes 5:12 says sweet sleep without fear is a blessing,it is all because many are praying for me and for my wedding.

                     RECEIVE AND GIVE

As i received blessings from my DAD Almighty God,i have learned to give also in midts of wedding preparation i can able to give my time for bible study to those who are hunger for word of God.The joy of the Lord is my strength.
PRAYER-1)Pray for good weather on my big day.
2)Pray for God's protection upon every single people who are going to be witness on my wedding.
3)Pray for good health and blessings for all the non believer,who are going to attain my wedding and see God's goodness and His greatness.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019


Once again God want our DMM to become like children,by working with them and refreshing ourself being like child.It is such a joy to be around with little kids.A.G church approach us to help in restoring their sunday school which was closed for 3-4 years so we prayed and we felt to say yes to the church.we have given 2years of our commitment with the church until we raise someone who can carry on the sunday school,i realized it's been so many years i have lost my funny part being in DMM serious in evangelism after my work with children many years back,God is bringing back that rain after a hot sunny day,now we have 37 children we are blessed.


It was like expecting snow in summer and rain in the dry season.As it was my first time writting down my wedding prayer card to all my friends and ministry leaders but none of them turn up to help even for 500/and their God open my eyes and convicted my heart as it says in pro 3:5,pro 28:26, and phili4:19, this verses taught me where my heart was?Leaning on my own understanding and i have been fooled so this is what i have to overcome and then i will see all  the needs according to His riches in glory He will supply.After my conviction sometime later unexpected people came forward who are not close to us they bless my wedding gown and suite for Joseph,Thanks for the prayer.


I got opportunity to give name to a new born baby girl.New couple the first baby the first day in the medical,i was with my team we prayed for the couple and baby i read out the bible verse from Acts 16:11-15 worshiper of God Lydea i gave her name.
PRAYER:-1)Pray for sunday school children will grow in number and in word.
2)Give thanks to God for provision of gown and suite.
3)Pray for God's provision on my wedding we are trusting God for every small to big thing.
Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Sunday, 4 August 2019


In 10year's of time,it was the first time in history leading a sunday church with three different mission's coming together and glorifying God being in unity leading the sunday service was the example to set for other mission's too.we got opportunity to minister the mission's leaders and their families.
In the area of ministry God has been so faithful to our team DMM.God open many new doors so that we can achieve our goal to build up new relationship with new families who are buddhist God took us different families to minister and we really see His leading wherever we went we could able to witness for Christ


Last 16years in ministry God seen me working alone,and His favour rest on me and He send a man who have the same vision to reach out the lost soul of Buddhist world,and carrying heart of God for people he is none other than Joseph who is going to be with me in this God's mission as my life partner as i seek desperately God's presence during my fasting prayer God strengthen me to continue to hope in God for His work in my wedding as we fixed our date 17 october 2019 thursday.This will be my families first Christian holy wedding and all my family members will come to see my big day,my desire is to witness Christ to them on my wedding that is the only place i can do something for them to present Jesus  in our life.So please stand with me in your prayer i really need prayer support from you all.
Joseph and me please remember us we are depending on God for everything.
1)Pray for more opportunity to work together with different missions.
2)Pray for strong relationship with new buddhist friends.
3)Pray for God's provisions on my wedding we are depending on God to provide my wedding dress to food,please remember my Buddhist families whoever come to my wedding they will be healed.
Thank you.

Friday, 5 July 2019

                                       REKINDLE TOGETHER IN TEAM

It's been year i have sense the joy of working together in team was missing and we were too much focused on our ownself and own ministry and own team member,the care for one another was no more,so we as a MLT leaders felt we have to come together and renew this relationship again,so that we can be more effective in God's kingdom and we announced to all the team members to come for the retreat,so that we can rekindle the joy of God working together in team.


Iam overwhelm of the experiences that we had during our short outreach in the buddhist land Bomdila,as i shared the prayer points in my last blog for unity,boldness,wisdom,provision and also i asked for availability of the people so that we can be useful vessel for God's kingdom and God has listen all the prayers that you all have prayed for me,i have seen unity in the team,and even the boldness with wisdom with that we gave training to young people all of them they gave their time to us,they were available at that time and more on we were blessed by good foods His provision not only 3 time meals but rich meals from God's servant unexpectedly from different people.During this short outreach we were being used by God in many places in church,in lost houses and with theology students we gave training.God has been so good to us.we were so satisfied with how God led us,what we haven't plan also God plan for us we appointed 7 chosen people to reachout their own buddhist families,so we commissioned them on the last day of our stay in Bomdila it was on sunday fellowship.
Things happen as it's written in Matt 6:33.

PRAYER-1)Pray for God's guidance to lead A G church we got opportunity.
2)Pray for my staff support for their food.
3)pray for understanding with ministry leaders with truth.
Thank you so much for your time for reading my blog.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

As i was started reading the book of Job in the bible and also that week i was travelling to west bengal for the leadership meeting by bus on that night journey i got severe pain in my arm and it was swollen so big at first i thought it will be fine aftr an hour but i didn't see any improvement as i was attending the meeting with pain,i couldn't able to eat with my right hand and even write anything,i was in great pain so i cried out to God but than God brought more severe pain then me Job pain from the bible as i was reading continuously it strengthen me to lift up God's name even in suffering though it was hard saying thank you during worship time with tears i learn how to rejoice in pain.


Through the situation God turns our heart to see His goodness in peoples life whom we have never met.
Friends suggest me to go for treatment in Assam and i know that it will cost alot to go for different test,and i had only 2000/ in my hand so i said ok by faith i will go and what i have to spend i will use this 2000/ and rest i trust God for my transportation too.
Amazing things took place as i went to consult the doctor and for that fee was 500/ aftr he check he return back that 500/to me from their the miracle started and he send me to another dictor for scanning my arm and it cost 4000 to 5000/ the doctor said to hiz assistant to do it free i was so overwhelmed by God's love when i saw all this in a new place,after all the test the doctors couldn't find out the cause of my pain so they refer me back to my ministry place with pain i return and with lots of question in my mind like how long i will suffer it's been 1week not reducing the pain and than God encourage me again as i open Job 16:20 it gives relief to my heart and i strongly felt not with medicine and treatment but reading the word of God will heal me so the day i completed book of Job i got healed and my right hand become normal praise God.


As we celebrated 10th years of our ywam Arunachal anniversary,it took me back to see old memories and God's faithfulness in my life and ministry last 10th years.
As year passed leaders changed and pastors leaders anointed me with prayer to be a convenor of Ywam Itanagar.God gave me new role to play in the mission field He trusted me that i can serve as convenor of the ministry.

Thank you for all your prayers.

Please pray for me.
1)our DMM team we are planing to go short outreach bomdila stronghold of Buddhist for God's wisdom,provision and boldness.
2)Unity in the team so that God will use this empty vessel for His glory.
3)Pray for us to meet those buddhist believers whom we are planing to give training.