Saturday, 7 March 2020


Mission to start looking for house with faith, not knowing when? How? Where? God will provide?But with prayer every morning and with action every evening going out for searching house for us.Trusting God what God will plan, will be the best plan for us whether this time we get or not,we will be obedient to God.
From this month we put up new prayer points specially for Buddhist people as me and my husband we are really praying for new God's choosen Buddhist leaders to raise up and lead many to Christ,because last 10yrs we haven't seen even one person coming out for monpa Buddhist people.So this time we felt my husband and me have to start praying for this.One Sunday I was so much filled with emotions thinking that why? no one is ready for Buddhist world? And also I was thinking who will take care of this small Buddhist fellowship? If God call me somewhere to work,what will happen to this fellowship? all this makes me worry and at that moment God spoke to me, and He said to me eventhough nobody stand for this people God will still stand for them. That sunday when God reveal His heart and my heart was lighter after I received His word.


As I grew up I have never checked back my childhood time. But this time I strongly felt that God was taking me back to my childhood life with my elder sister,it was one night while I was talking with Joseph and my heart was start melting for my sister which I never felt in my whole life, I was crying and sharing to Joseph that my love for my sister should be more and my behavior towards her was not good when we were young I was repenting and feeling very bad and I can very strongly feel that it was not me want to love my sister but it was God who love for the family.


This is something that whole month I was led by God as I didn't expect to do. Joseph was sharing about his life and about his family how he grew up in the family and his siblings specially he was sharing about his parents life which was so hard,and it encourages me to pray for him and his family secretly so I prayed to God to remove the curse of poverty from their family. As I started praying for their family I felt something was released from their family and I got the word from God Isaiah 60:5,11 and it really helps me to see his family unbound from the chain.God is good all the time God is powerful all the time.
 Few prayer points.
1)Pray for good health upon our family.
2)Pray that we will able to get right house right time.
3)Pray for positive response from the Doctor as I will be meeting Doctors this week.
       Thank you everyone for reading my blog and praying for my family.

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