Wednesday, 5 February 2020


God has a plan and His plan nobody can understand the good plans for His children,though it may be difficult to understand at first why it happen?why it didn't work out?What is next?all this questions can come when we didn't see God's plan clearly.Sometimes His plan comes with the surprises and sometimes with long waiting prayer that comes with the success.As God plan for our family this 2020 it was something that change our plan which was planned from last year me and my husband for this January.According to God's plan we came to know that iam pregnant and Doctor suggested me not travel anywhere for 3months,with big heart and with understanding of God's plan i choose to let my husband go for this important training LTS,which is very important for both of us for the future ministry.At first i don't understand at all and because i was struggling with nause and health issue but when the ywam outreach team came from Lonavala,i realized it was me who prayed for team to come in our base and to do ministry together and God answerd my prayer by bringing the team here,working with the kids,and even refreshing us by their presece.
This is how God prepared me in my health and even making me understand to be Joyful to recieve His blessings which is in my womb.Opening up my small understanding of life,which is so beautiful and precious i have understand to take care of myself as God value my life,He honored with His eyes when He sees me,He is my strength too,word of God has been my encourager whenever i feel low and this time also He the word of God stood with me when i need very much.Isaiah 49:5.
This is how God put His plan before our plan.Iam blessed as well as my husband.
Thank you for reading my blog.

My few prayer points:
1)Please pray God's hand upon me and upon the baby which is in my womb.
2)Pray for God's provision as a family we are praying for more financial support.
3)Pray for us to get 2 bedroom house.

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