Wednesday, 8 January 2020


I understood the plan of God,facing lots of challenges after challenges after our wedding even from our ministry staff the only brother who works with us got admitted in the hospital for his appendix operation.Serving in the faith base ministry sometimes we really find difficult in the area of medical treatment but we know God will never fail to help us to keep our faith strong,when Doctor told my husband to buy medicene for the operation in our hand there was no cash, so my husband went in emergency to get the medicene which cost more than 6000/ and he gave away his watch which was our wedding gift and he gave his old mobile too,I know God will not leave things like this so he send the believers to bless for his medicene and we could able to get back his watch and mobile this way of God leading teach me something great and helping me to understand his level of faith in our life.

God has led us to lead the children to be a messanger of God this christmas and even God open our eyes to see God's involvement in our monpa advent Christmas,i was depending on people so much seeing their last performance in the fellowship but i was wrong i learned giving responsibility to someone is not just appointing the person for work but also making sure from the person that they are ready,this advent christmas taught me alot when responsible people didn't turn up to take their responsibility and we four of us have to take up everything,it was very much discouragement movement for me when they were not serious with my words but a5 the same time my God was ready with surprises and He send two helper to help us they were more than 10 people in the programe this is how we were blessed at the end and learned many things through up and down in life. 

It was first going to manipur my husband village as a Christmas speaker.I had a very challenging time their as i reach there i was not well for 10-15 days i could'nt able to eat and getting up from the bed was so painful i lost my energy and time was near for Christmas and i have to speak so i prayed to God for miracle and early morning on 25th of December on my bed God gave me the scripture from Isaiah 40:31 Lord will renew my strength as i hope in the Lord,the moment i received i got up from the bed and i could go to church and preach the word of God.I have learned how to hold on God's word and fight back the deceiver.
Here my few prayer points.
1)Pray for faithful worker to work with us.
2)Pray for our monpa fellowship to get a plot of land to build church.
3)Pray for my husband Joseph to receive God's revelation as he attain LTS in nepal he will be anointed by God.

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