Saturday, 7 December 2019


After our wedding as we start our journey of life,as a husband and wife it was a time to see my husband how I grew up and how my families live in a small town call Tawang and the climate food traditions etc?When he saw all and experience it was bit difficult to me also to make him understand as we face challenges from all.Though it was tough time,i learned to be grateful to God as now I'm not standing alone in prayer but I'm standing with my husband in prayer we both will fight the good fight, God use both of us to sing a gospel song and praise Him by leading non believers to sing gospel song with us,God is so powerful that even He can use non believers lips to glorify Him by worshipping Him.

                LIGHT IN THE DARKEST HOUR.

Hope keeps alive the desire that we have to reach out the Buddhist villagers,that hope become a light for the dark place and light for hopeless people.As me and my husband went to one of the village call Lumla which is near to Bhutan border were we met some of our co-workers in Christ, hearing from them the challenges that they are facing it,was not very easy so both of us we got an opportunity to lift their spirit with prayer and also going together with them for night prayer walk and visiting the believers at night hearing their family issues,their broken and painful heart.It melt our heart for them. This is how last few weeks God was showing us His continues work by bringing challenges in our personal life too.
It makes us more prepared for coming days.

Prayer:1)Pray for God's protection upon our journey to manipur and anointing of God for both of us as we both are Christmas and New year speaker.
2)Pray for my mom this Christmas she will be alone at home for God's protection.
3)Pray for God's love to grow more in our families and wisdom to care our family.

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