Thursday, 7 November 2019


God brought my broken family back on my wedding, it was not only two new soul joining day, but it was also the day of healing and joining the old families as I always desire to see my families together and it happened on my wedding I was out of joy seeing my grandparents become so emotional and I understood how much God care for my family and He already planned well long back for my family. Our God is a God of relationship and He cares and value the relationship He never want anyone to separate from each other and He hate disunity thats how He want us to be together.


Beautiful weather God the creator gives on my wedding,as we asked for and it was His daughter and son's wedding.Rain stop when the creator order one day before my wedding,friends and family arrived safely when God directs the way of the driver.Helping hands were protected when God controls the fire.All the non believers were blessed attending my wedding some of them it was first time entering the church and seeing holy marriage,they saw God's greatness and His great love for His people and His abundant provision on my wedding, I could able to witnessed who God is before all my unsaved relatives on my wedding that was my long time heart desire to let them know who my God is.

Prayers :-
1)Pray for God's love to grow in us as a new couple.
2)Pray for more and better God's work through us as a family.
3)Pray for God's protection upon our family.
Thank you! 

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