Sunday, 4 August 2019


In 10year's of time,it was the first time in history leading a sunday church with three different mission's coming together and glorifying God being in unity leading the sunday service was the example to set for other mission's too.we got opportunity to minister the mission's leaders and their families.
In the area of ministry God has been so faithful to our team DMM.God open many new doors so that we can achieve our goal to build up new relationship with new families who are buddhist God took us different families to minister and we really see His leading wherever we went we could able to witness for Christ


Last 16years in ministry God seen me working alone,and His favour rest on me and He send a man who have the same vision to reach out the lost soul of Buddhist world,and carrying heart of God for people he is none other than Joseph who is going to be with me in this God's mission as my life partner as i seek desperately God's presence during my fasting prayer God strengthen me to continue to hope in God for His work in my wedding as we fixed our date 17 october 2019 thursday.This will be my families first Christian holy wedding and all my family members will come to see my big day,my desire is to witness Christ to them on my wedding that is the only place i can do something for them to present Jesus  in our life.So please stand with me in your prayer i really need prayer support from you all.
Joseph and me please remember us we are depending on God for everything.
1)Pray for more opportunity to work together with different missions.
2)Pray for strong relationship with new buddhist friends.
3)Pray for God's provisions on my wedding we are depending on God to provide my wedding dress to food,please remember my Buddhist families whoever come to my wedding they will be healed.
Thank you.

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