Friday, 5 July 2019

                                       REKINDLE TOGETHER IN TEAM

It's been year i have sense the joy of working together in team was missing and we were too much focused on our ownself and own ministry and own team member,the care for one another was no more,so we as a MLT leaders felt we have to come together and renew this relationship again,so that we can be more effective in God's kingdom and we announced to all the team members to come for the retreat,so that we can rekindle the joy of God working together in team.


Iam overwhelm of the experiences that we had during our short outreach in the buddhist land Bomdila,as i shared the prayer points in my last blog for unity,boldness,wisdom,provision and also i asked for availability of the people so that we can be useful vessel for God's kingdom and God has listen all the prayers that you all have prayed for me,i have seen unity in the team,and even the boldness with wisdom with that we gave training to young people all of them they gave their time to us,they were available at that time and more on we were blessed by good foods His provision not only 3 time meals but rich meals from God's servant unexpectedly from different people.During this short outreach we were being used by God in many places in church,in lost houses and with theology students we gave training.God has been so good to us.we were so satisfied with how God led us,what we haven't plan also God plan for us we appointed 7 chosen people to reachout their own buddhist families,so we commissioned them on the last day of our stay in Bomdila it was on sunday fellowship.
Things happen as it's written in Matt 6:33.

PRAYER-1)Pray for God's guidance to lead A G church we got opportunity.
2)Pray for my staff support for their food.
3)pray for understanding with ministry leaders with truth.
Thank you so much for your time for reading my blog.

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