Tuesday, 3 September 2019


Once again God want our DMM to become like children,by working with them and refreshing ourself being like child.It is such a joy to be around with little kids.A.G church approach us to help in restoring their sunday school which was closed for 3-4 years so we prayed and we felt to say yes to the church.we have given 2years of our commitment with the church until we raise someone who can carry on the sunday school,i realized it's been so many years i have lost my funny part being in DMM serious in evangelism after my work with children many years back,God is bringing back that rain after a hot sunny day,now we have 37 children we are blessed.


It was like expecting snow in summer and rain in the dry season.As it was my first time writting down my wedding prayer card to all my friends and ministry leaders but none of them turn up to help even for 500/and their God open my eyes and convicted my heart as it says in pro 3:5,pro 28:26, and phili4:19, this verses taught me where my heart was?Leaning on my own understanding and i have been fooled so this is what i have to overcome and then i will see all  the needs according to His riches in glory He will supply.After my conviction sometime later unexpected people came forward who are not close to us they bless my wedding gown and suite for Joseph,Thanks for the prayer.


I got opportunity to give name to a new born baby girl.New couple the first baby the first day in the medical,i was with my team we prayed for the couple and baby i read out the bible verse from Acts 16:11-15 worshiper of God Lydea i gave her name.
PRAYER:-1)Pray for sunday school children will grow in number and in word.
2)Give thanks to God for provision of gown and suite.
3)Pray for God's provision on my wedding we are trusting God for every small to big thing.
Thank you so much for reading my blog.

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