Saturday, 9 February 2019

Starting house church of the year 2019 was a blessing for us,God brought all my family members to this house church who are not yet saved,not only my close relatives but also whom i have never met before they came and join the church and they heard first time about Christ and my Aunty she share her testimony to her son who is strong
hindu and also to my grandmother who is also a very strong buddhist believer she share how she came to Christ boldly.
                    WORD CAME TRUE 2019

Some years back God spoke to me personally and also in the group fellowship,that He will bring back our people which was scattered long back and it came true this time and still
many are on the way,As i was siting in the church and look around there was no one who came with their grandparents except my family so God remind me how much i need to be thankful to God in this time i can able to bring my grandmother in the church i was representing 3rd generation from my family all are present in the church on that day it was such a happy moment that God
did.It was my prayer to God to see my
grandmother to see in the church,and God did it.
New year new families join in our Monpa fellowship
This 3 month's God gave me opportunity to minister my grandmother by the help of God i will be doing with what i can do i will do.


It was the time that i got an opportunity to organized a birthday program for a little boy who came from a broken family and he was need of father's love since he was grown up without father and with this pain he was not able to give love to other too.
So by the help of the Holy Spirit God use me that day to speak positive words to him and i encourage people also to do the same as we pray for him,and slowly i have noticed some changes in him he could able to open his heart and God started healing him.
PRAY-1)God's wisdom and strength for me to take care and to share love of Christ.
2)God's provision in the ministry and personal.
3)Healing in team my two staff are not well physically.

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  1. Great update. Annu. Rejoicing with you for new people who are joining the monpa fellowship