Wednesday, 2 January 2019

                                TIME OF WELCOMING BABY JESUS IN OUR HEARTS

As we went house to house as a messenger of Christ exalting His name in each monpa houses by giving the message of Christ to prepare their hearts to welcome Jesus to their houses and to their hearts,and we challenged them by giving questions to every believer how they will invite Christ in their hearts this season?we asked how much they are prepared to meet Jesus?There were families who blessed us but the blessings that we received from the Gods children,God open the door for us to give that blessings to non-believers as a gift from Christ to reach out the non-believers this Christmas season.That's how we invited the lost soul in the Christmas programe they heard first time about Christ and the reason of coming Jesus in this world for them and His love for the lost.

                                     BROKEN VESSELS ARE NO MORE BROKEN

As the year ends on 24th morning 6:30am i was taking fasting,asking God to speak to me,and God spoke to consecrate myself to God and prepare for new thing to start by declaring to live under fear of God.On that day i remember God want me to to check my 2018 spiritual walk with God and to know God's goodness in my unending unfaithfulness weakness towards God.                                                            At that night God gave me two words -GRACE and RE-USE .While that night we had a prayer time i share the word from Isaih53 it bless my soul with thankfulness to say God Iam ready.                                     RE-USE me God my new year start from 25th of december,on 25th morning God speak to me again in the church the same thing and it was confirmation from God to me that morning.                                        May all who are reading my blogs will be blessed .Thank you for the prayer.

PRAYER- 1)Pray for my walk Christ will grow more in 2019.                                                                                 2)Pray for more members to join with me for sharing the gospel to the lost for long term.                      3)Pray for God's provision for our outreach to Tezu.   

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