Wednesday, 5 December 2018


House church in my aunty house been a blessing to those who have never heard about Jesus.Relatives came from village attending the service,listening what we share about Jesus and even we invited them in the church and prayed for them too.God use house church as a living water for those who are thirsty.


Amazing things happen i met my grandfather after many years.He was the
one who was against Christianity and very strong in Buddhism, he came to our rented house and talk with us,with kind word i can see there was no hatred in his eyes for us anymore,it was the first time i laid my hands on my grandpa and i prayed for him with tears in my eyes,and he received the prayer with joyful heart though many non believers buddhist people look at me at that time and
laughed at me hearing my prayer they even mocked at me but i didn't stop praying for my grandpa,it was the prayer that i prayed to my living God Jesus for my grandpa and he open his heart on that day and he willingly received the prayer.I know God has touched his heart too.I can see the tears in his eyes,now God has open the door for me to minister to my grandparents i shouldn't
miss the opportunity to present gospel to them as doors are open now.


God has reminded me of who am I?and during my way to Tawang 2times i saw back and forth,
numbers of elephants with their baby's and
while coming back time at night wild elephants came out on the road there was no one in the jungle and we were the only one everyone of us were scared,
but it was not God's plan to make me to be frightened by animals,i realized when i reached to our ministry place that God was reminding me of the strength that he gave me,and the word that i received on the
retreat of sons &daughters that God has given me the stamina of elephant.During this trip God was reminding me again and again by showing elephants and even that night God reminded me of Gen 1:26 that God created man kind in His own image,so that we may rule over all the wild animals,at that moment i was filled with boldness and we cross the road and their was no elephant at all.This all happen just because He want me to know that He is my strength.
God gave us strength not to give up thinking and planning for seeking the lost by visiting the families in different places so we started doing fundraise baking cakes and raising the fund for the trip,right now we got 2500/rs.We believe God's provision will never end.Keep praying for me thank you.

Prayer:1)Pray for upcoming christmas program we are inviting many non-buddhist believers they will receive christ on 9th of December.
2) Pray for my grandpa to receive christ .Forgive to those people who mock at me .
3)pray for God's provision right now iam using the phone which sons&daughters has blessed me 2-3 years back and it doesn't work so well now,even WhatsApp because the phone is not android and it become difficult for me to get the message or to send the message in the ministry groups.
Just pray that God will bless me good phone.
Thank you for standing with me.

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