Monday, 5 November 2018

God gave me responsibility to lead a fellowship with the group of buddhist families and on sunday i was given responsibility to preach and i was not well for 1week but from inside i felt i shouldn't stop visiting people and pray for the lost and sick though I was sick,so we went to the group of bihari hindu people and we share our faith in christ to them and then i went to preach on sunday with high fever having high fever i preach and miracle took place while preaching i was healed completely,after the fellowship the owner of the house she blessed me a set of plates and spoons.Since i was longing to have small plates to give biscuits to the guest when people come to our house i haven't share to anyone but God knows it very well He is a all knowing God as the word of God says psalms 139:4 befor the word is on my tongue,He knows it completely.

To share abundantly whoever you meet on the street,shop,buses and auto.I got an opportunity to teach in DTS( ywam).Topic on
Discipleship it was my first time teaching on this topic but God use me and all the dts students the last day of my teaching all the students and staffs went out to share gospel in half hr they met 27people who never heard about Jesus and out of 27 people 4people got salvation in half hr time on tht day.God works when we have the right heart to carry His vision.
In fasting and prayer expressing our needs to God 2times in a month with the buddhist people those who know God and with our own team.I was blessed coming with serious attitude before God asking for more lost soul to be saved,and asking God to reveal His heart for lost how can we reach out and God showed us the way, since we have been
praying and visiting the sick so during fasting He reminded me of what i said in the beginning starting a house of grace for monpa people,somehow i was not able to carry on the work because of lack of materials not sufficient finance but this time God open my eyes to start in our ministry house where our staff stays.
As a DMM our team we commission the dts students and staffs for outreach to reach out the lost soul,by faith even though we don't have enough food money,we invited the dts team for dinner and God was been faithful to provide abundantly to bless them.Even this time we celebrated God's goodness celebrating 8th yrs of monpa fellowship and i could able to see how God led me this 8th yrs to lead this monpa people who were scatterd from their people and God .God use me to bring this people 8th yrs back.Thank you God for the encouragement it's all His strength that we can able to celebrate 8th yrs of MCF.Thanks everyone for reading my blogs each month.

1)Healing for kidney and liver damaged brothers their names -Gomb Dorjee and Dawa.
2)Pray for many lost soul will get help from our ministry house.
3)Please pray for my journey to Tawang it's in the height of 15000 high abov sea level it's a buddhist place and now it's winter it comes down to -2or -0 and roads are not really safe please pray for us whoever is going with me for safe journey and God's protection.

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