Friday, 5 October 2018

                 DO,LIVE AND DIE  FOR CHRIST.

With the flame of christ i came back from my journey,with that flame i got an opportunity to challenge my co-workers and the outsiders living for christ is worth.I share the experiences meeting up the ywamers who are seving in the difficult nations,with zeal in their heart to serve till the end of their life and God steer the heart of all the ywamers and others to renew their commitment to God again and the flame of God was touched to all.At the same time i myself rekindle my life for christ at that evening by sharing from Mtt 16:24-25.
                   GOOD OVERCOMES THE EVIL
When we take bigger step for good,enemy always upsets with our decisions for Christ
 And enemy plans to destroy our decisions by bringing misunderstands between our family's and friends and discouraged us,i had a hard time but i know God is with me and He will help me to overcome the evil and disappointed situation it all happen when i give very strong word to all by saying my life is in Christ and my death is in Christ.This makes me more alert in prayer intercession it helps me more to seek my Father.He taught me how to wait patiently and standstrongly for the truth.During this time God spoke to me to pray for Next country Mongolia focusing buddhist,God started showing up His heart for this country too in my second list.

As we start going house to house for gospel and looking for people to say iam willing to give my life for Christ and we found people who need healing,who are fighting for life,it breaks our heart seeing them without hope and God took us to those people kidney failed,liver damaged surrender from doctors
and many buddhist monks.So we felt Jesus want to visit those people houses to give healing,we believe that this is a appointed time to share Christ love for them.We want to expect great things to take place.

My prayer-
        1)pray for brother Dawa he is a buddhist seeking Jesus to heal him,he us in the last stage.Both Kidney is not functioning.
2)pray for Brother Gomb Dorjee his both kidney and liver already damaged seeking healing from Jesus.
3)pray for me that God will use me for many buddhist nations as iam praying for my next target through healing ministry and intercession.

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