Monday, 10 September 2018

                                 OUT POURING GOOD PLANS OF GOD
Though men of this word forget the word i spoke,years back but my Lord,my God,my Father never forgets what i desire for long back.It was many years back i waa desiring to see saiacs centre of bangalore and this time my retreat with sons&daughters was the fulfillment of my desire,it was not only seeing but also it was experiencing staying for 1week in CEO SAIACS,i was reminded of my desire which was long back i kept in my heart and i forgot but God didn't.During my stay it was the time to look back of my time 1 1/2 yr back burn out life how God use it again wonderfully again and this time i could able to lift up God of what He has done  in my life,and giving thanks to God for His unfolded plans in my life.While returning back to my mission field In the flight i met one Buddhist Lady and God told me to share how much He loves her so i share with her and right away she believed our living God,it was not at all my desire but it was God's plan.

This time again i was teaching faith and finance in DTS and i felt more than teaching it was time of learning myself together with the students.Amazing things happen iwas not prepared at all for this teaching and i had only one prayer befor teaching God teach me and use me let you be the teacher and every word was new this time when i taught this topic at the same time it helps me to put strong faith in God,rather than trusting men of the world,because trusting God will never gonna fail me trusting anything anyone rather than God can fail me.On the last day of my teaching in the evening i was preaching in the fellowship i felt God is saying to each one of the person who are present there to give our life 100%not 50% so He revealed to us through Num 23:19 and i challenge myself and to all to trust God.On that evening i was amazed seeing how God works in the small fellowship the members collected offering for me for my Thailand trip and it was 3000. That i received that night so that i can book my tickets for my going.I didn't expect at all but God did it all.

It was my first time going out from india to Asian county though i had my passport many years back i made it, and i was thinking before it expire,i want to go for prayer and God and the nation call me up to interceed for God's kingdom to come in the nation.The movement i step into the flight to Bangkok i was overwhelm with thanks giving heart to God and start praying over the land for sanctification and praying for God's nation to rule.This trip taught me how to be more effective in prayer and keep praying,the more i said to others iam a intercessor it makes me to pray more and even my finance was very much limited but God was not limited He send generous people to go for short distance and paid by them,My Dad know and sees my pocket and He says trust me my daughter.As for me thai bht was so high but God was in control and my Dad is higher than thai bht.I was so much blessed being their and knowing what God has for me whole time i was giving thanks to God,There was a time when everyone have to go for outreach and showing video to each local families was compulsory and it was required for everyone to download the app where we can find the video their i realized how much i was wrong to have big mobile is for show off and i was content with my small phone which is not working for downloading anything,but this time i prayed to God and i said sorry God for being so proud to not to have good mobile and i ask this time God i really need good mobile for my ministry purpose with right attitude.God revealed my needs sometimes even i don't know what is my need,always God teach me something and than only i will know my needs.
Thanks everyone for prayerfully reading my blog
PRAYER:1)Pray for samina Buddhist lady who received christ in the flight,for closer relationship with God and me.
2)Pray for Buddhist people who got healed they will recognized Jesus as their life giver.
3)Pray for me i really need good phone and i don't have a budget to buy good phone i felt strongly.

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