Sunday, 5 August 2018

Retreat focus,it was such an privilege me to remind the God's children of God's covenant and His first love for each one of us by sharing the foundational values of ywam to strengthen their call in ywam,it was also a time of checking how far we have been faithful in His service working as a ywamer.I challenge them by reminding the values of our mission,and on 3rd day of our retreat We had a time of prayer so God spoke to me about the things that we should do as a servant of God from the book of Lev 14:5-9
For cleansing ourselves before God.


People came from village for treatment and doctors surrender can't save her life at that time we got a call for prayer for that sick lady and the moment we heard we rushed to hospital for prayer and we share the love of God to her and prayed for her and in the evening she got healed we witnessed christ as healer in the hospital that day.

God called me to save the lost soul of buddhist specially all the monpas of our land.
This time i got an opportunity to share gospel to the prisoners who live in a very cramped conditions and little food some of this prisoners have not had any visitors for months and years so our goal is to visit as many as we can to bring joy and share the love of Jesus.We will be cleaning the 2 local lock ups  and hand to hand tries to help keep the place clean and as well as feed and pray for the prisoners they need God's love.This is  outside of the city in Thailand it's also a Buddhist country on 5th of September 2018 my work will start. where God call me for few days. Praise God i got an scholarship for staying but still more need to pay my flights tickets for both side and fooding all together it comes 30-40,000 so for that iam doing fund raise selling this monpa bags  instead not doing anything with action is very important to put it into practice by faith and do it.So right now i got 2400/ from that monpa bags.
You can pray about it if God tells you to contribute some blessings for my tickets and food you can let me know.
Thank you for reading my blog keep me in your prayer.
Prayer.1)God's healing will take place spiritually and physically.
2)God will give bring salvation to all buddhist people.
3)please pray for my trip to Thailand i strongly felt that God is calling me for few days to serve their and be a blessing for all by serving.

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