Monday, 2 July 2018

                       REPAIRER OF PEOPLE
We as a team God led us to the houses where many people were broken in their spirit facing challenges in their health,in their relationship,finances seeing all God unite our DMM and DTS team together and He used this two teams to repair the relationship to meet their needs,and to bring healing in the life of people.
It's been 6-7 yrs my mom has been seeing healing in her life,and many times i used to encourage her to share her testimony about how God saved her life but she always refused to witness and one day on Fathers day out of sudden in the church she stood in the front and started sharing the testimony and witnessing Christ as her personal savior and healer,i was amazed to see her and also grateful to God for the perfect time i will never forget the day  June 17/6/18 my mom overcome the fear and she witnezz Christ.It was my always desire to see.I understood God's timing is the best timing it was such a joy to see changes in my mom's life on Father's day.

As i was talking with my coach about our ministry and the staff so i share to my staff who left 2months ago and my heart was totally closed for that staff but then God spoke to me of His grace that is for the staff and it it challenge me to live out my life as Christ lives so i gave him second chance to work with me as a staff since he was asking me thrice.God has been so good that He answered our prayer of sending long term staff for our DMM and He spoke to one of the dts student to join our ministry so Mr Apang he gave commitment to us for 2years,now we are 5 of us working together God's grace was not only in our team but also those who have never heard about Christ we got opportunity to minister to one family who's daughter was admitted in the hospital and even doctors couldn't diagnose her sickness but God did His part and He healed the girl and the miracle took place and accepted Christ as her personal savior we prayed for her befor she left the hospital it was difficult to pray in the hospital because the place where she was staying was donated by buddhist people and some buddhist people stay their too.Even in the difficult situation God reveal His power by healing the girl.

Anchoring or hosting In the wedding for the first time in my life was new experience and joy and more than that the wedding was from one of our tribe brother's wedding it was privileged to host all glory to God because of Him i can host and God sees capability in me,not only anchoring but involving in cooking, decorating we give our hands of help it was joy to be a part of a wedding program as a team we have learned so much of God's character during this occasion one of the character was patients and humility their are more please do read my blog and pray for me.

1)Thanks giving prayer for sending staff and the healing of the girl.
2)Continue to pray for sister Mindu one of our goal is to reach her heart with Christ love
3)Pray for our house owner for understanding of God's love for them and also pray that we will build good relationship with them.

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