Tuesday, 3 April 2018

                                             DESPERATE TO HAVE GOD'S HEART

God's plan was untold to me,unexpectedly God brought people who are hunger for the help, who have the wrong concept of Christ and who are from the Buddhist background God lead us to 3 girls we met them and we invite them for lunch in our house,God reveal His heart in a very creative way to share gospel to them by singing gospel songs and also letting them to sing their own songs after that our team we started praying in our spirit and then i shared my testimony how i encounter Christ and what Christ can do,it makes them to open their heart for Christ and to see success in their work by trusting Jesus.So we prayed for them and one of the girl got selected in the interview so her faith increase and she asked more prayer for her future and then even their doubts and wrong concepts of Christianity was cleared.As long as we are ready to share God's mighty work to the lost God is ready to give His creative ideas,so we invited them next time also.


Taking risky steps was not easy but it taught me alot of accepting challenges with joy so that we or i can see the changes with victory.After taking the step it was a risky step when i give a word to give my tithes to a missionary who stay far,without counting how much i saved i told the amount that i will give,i was started thinking if that much amount i can't give than what they will think so by faith i check my tithes it was the exact amount i told to them i was so happy by what i did because i obey what God said i give what i have also and God use me to teach in DTS so i started teaching faith and finance as i experience through my life it was the 2nd day of my teaching in DTS and all the students and staffs they were playing angel and mortal game and even in my heart was thinking to play with them but they didn't involve me in that game so i said to myself in my heart i wish somebody can be my angel with that desire i went back to my room and than after sometime later i got a message saying that iam your angel that shock me,because nobody knows that i was wishing in my heart  and i started reading the message and it was saying iam your angel i was praying for you and God told to bless me some money so iam sending some money to your account and i got it.God knows very well that i will be travelling to kolkata for DTS teaching after 2weeks and for booking my tickets i don't have so He prepared for me before,i took the challenges by giving out what i have and God changes
the situations.
There was a time i was scare to loose people and i try to make them happy with what i can do,but God gave me His heart to not to afraid of loosing people but learning how to release people it was very Strong release word in my heart that makes me to be strong in decision it was a challenging moment because i don't have a enough staff to work with me but saying yes you can go saying to my team member when they ask me to release with big heart and with the hope of God and he left.
But God will never leave me i know even nobody work with me He is 24x 7 working with me.
Thank you for reading my blog it helps me to pour out my heart .

1)Pray for long term supporter for my team members who are really come with long term goal.
2)Pray for the lost one whom we share gospel and make friendship they will soon come to the Lord.
3)Pray for good health am not so well coughing and day by day am  becoming loosing weight.

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