Monday, 7 May 2018

                PATIENCE AND FRUITS
In the month of april i was traveling to west bengal siliguri for a short meeting with my co-worker's in church planting ministry,this journey was not very easy journey 5hrs of waiting without food and the next day 3hrs of waiting for bus at night and lots of mosquito bites challenges of finances but God grace i reach safely siliguri where God open His arm ones again ready to trained me and make me understand the kingdom of God is important when we are involved as a missionary in the field.I felt during this journey God want to communicate with me of my impatient character need to be molded by God.And God was seeing patiently my struggles as well as my joy.Fruit of the patience God bless us kitchen vessels i was so touched receiving all the blessings even though they don't have much but they gave us.......

God restore our ministry bringing together though Holy Spirit with one heart im mission  giving our best to lift up one another by word of encouragement ,not only verbally but with action i join with them to help in the school for some days amd also putting the fence in the school,panting the benches physically involvement was the sign of unity what i can do for that moment.


We got opportunity to trained young boys and girls from sunday school.We got a time to share our ministry experiences to them and it really challenge them they were all from broken family i listen to them i prayed with them It boost me up seeing their zealness to know God,God sees their potential in sharing gospel .

We have not even prayed for the chairs but God blessings flows like river in that river of blessing we can't name a particular thing,because when it flows,it flows with everything which we have not named also,which we have not even remember to asked.Thank you Jesus my provider........

1)Pray for my  staff Sarita recently her father  passed away for God's comfort.
2)Pray for God's provision as we are planning to bake cake for fund raise this way we can get the finance to go mission trip.
3)Pray for more workers to join with me carrying the vision of Jesus.

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