Thursday, 1 March 2018


Once again i felt like asking question to God,Where iam going ?what iam doing ?why people are leaving the ministry ?why their hearts are not serious for the lost ?
It was like the psalmist in 116 he expressed his heart to God and he says his God hears his prayer and his cry and he is sure that his God will show His mercy and He will turn His ears to his prayer and the psalmist says that he will not stop praying til his death and even in ps 118 says taking refuge in God is better than to trust in humans i trust people who are working with me thinking that they will work long term with committed heart to God,but i was broken too like the psalmist i feel like iam in the situation what no one can understand,only God alone can understand and i know when iam down to earth or high God stand still i may change like season my mood and character but God will never change His love and His mercy.

God spoke to us to clean ourself before God and start with new thing stop following old patterns but create new things because old is gone start newand i was asking what new we have to start to God,we check ourselves first and than we check in the ministry,what new thing need to create ?and we start going 5houses everyday in 4-5 hrs....So God revealed all the negativity that is in my mind and in our team,thinking we are not eligible to do this that and many excuses polluting our mind  but God encourage us from Lk10:18 He has given authority to overcome all the power of the enemy,aftr receiving the word from God we prayed and concentrate ourself before God.

God strength push me not to loose hope.But still than the fear was keep disturbing me and i cry out to God and He remind me of the Israelites when God start talking with moses,it was the time when God came to the mountain thunder and lightning start it makes Israelites fear but God heart was something different and He says fear is to keep away from sinning and that's makes me to understand His heart for me too,and His love which is love like an ocean,God removed fear from my heart that distract me to think God's bigger plans which is ahead of me and He encourages me through the life of Gideon to stand firm and strong in God even though i have only two members in the team and also they gave 1-2 years commitmen to work with me .I will not be shaken God use Gideon in Judges and Gideon won the battle though their army were less ,
Quantity doesn't makes different in Gods eyes.I speak to myself and i said Annu be strong God will   never let me down and alone.


Trying to work hard carrying 39 box of books from ground floor to 5th loor to get money for our rent house,it was joyful moment to do new thing for good reason and we got 1500/ for carrying charge,at the same time next day i was battling with my anger issued i prayed to God to b slow in anger,as i was praying and dealing with my anger and impatient,as we went to visit some houses one of the house from hindu strong family they insulted us,they abused us with words,we were scolded but one amazing changes i have seen in me was patients i was smiling and i was shocked seeing myself behaving kind to the family though they said many but God control my anger and later God won the battle with joy so the family offer tea biscuits that time i felt very strong the enemy who came with anger loose the battle.God's love with patients.
Thank you for reading my blog.


1)Pray for God's wisdom and protection as i have to go for teaching in dts in kolkata.
2)Pray for God's heart to show love to all even it's hard.
3)Pray continuously for new staff to joine with us with God's commitment and with vision .

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