Monday, 5 February 2018

                          WHY DID JESUS WENT TO LAZARUS AFTER 4DAYS ??

Working with faith,God provide house for us and we start cleaning our ministry house without paying deposit and even not paying the house rent it was our faith with action work.First day of entering the ministry house with prayer and feast,it was like a poor widow she gave what she have in Mk12:41-44 we too gave what we have on that night,Mary and Martha also must be waiting for Jesus to come on time but He didn't come to heal Lazarus from sickness because He want to glorify God by doing great miracle raising Lazarus from death so as the same with me and my team we were worried if house owner asked money what we will tell?how we will pay ?and Jesus has His plan for us to glorify Father doing great things in our team and miracles took place we got blessing from different people whom we never expected.


Heart broken when i met one of the family who's support was only God no one in the whole society came and help when this family lost their mother of a two little children,wife of a non believer husband and a daughter of a very old mother at that time God use our team to comfort and to be helper for the family there was no one to carry the death body and to burried also so we went  and  burried her,it was a very sad moment to see two little kids who does'nt even know that their mother is no more in the world and she will never come back again for them.  


With faith we start praying for our rent everyday but seems like nothing is working at first we as a team we took fasting and prayer and crying out loud to God and than God spoke to us through Acts 16:25 the situation with paul and silas in the prison and their expectation of out come result,when paul had a vision for calling him to Mecedonia he might be thinking that now everything will be good because he is obeying God's vision.So he started preaching the gospel and even he command in the name of Jesus to the spirit of future telling to come out from one lady.After all this they flogged paul and silas,they dragged them,they were beaten with rods and they were in prison but still than paul and silas were praying and worshiping singing hymns but then only through their life the jailer whole family were saved.It was must be unexpected,Same thing it was with us too happen we expect so much in the beginning but when we dont get our expectation we were not angry but we praise God as soon as we finish our fasting and prayer great miracle took place which was out of our expectation one lady who was newly in christ came and bless our team with her first time tithes for our house rent,it was the exact amount that we need for now.So with that joy we invite some missionaries who are working for monpa buddhist people,we use little amount of money to buy chicken half kg and pork 1 kg and the miracle was we were 10 of us including a small girl together we ate and their was left over too,amazing work of God still works today as it was the time of feeding 5000 people in the book of Jh6:10-13.God is in work iam excited to share more He is started opening many more bigger doors for me and new doors.Thank you for reading my blog.          

1)Prayer for new commited new staff in my ministry with God's provision.
2)Prayer for God's wisdom iam going for teaching on the topic of Faith and finance( kolkata)
3)Pray for regular support for our ministry house rent.

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  1. this is great to hear Annu... praying for you as God shows himself strong in your lives... keep up the good work, and keep believing God for MORE.....