Friday, 5 January 2018

Last blog i have asked for a prayer to get new strategies and God gave new strategies that was worth asking to God and be satisfied myself.
This last 9yrs we have never done carol during Christmas focusing the lost soul of Buddhist.This Christmas God gave us new strategies to go and tell the good news of Jesus,and we went and God did His part softening the heart of those whom we visited.We showed Gods generosity by giving small gifts cakes bible and gospel books to all the Bhuddhist lost soul,at the same time we visited some believers too and we got blessings we use that blessing to bless lost soul again.
Carol Buddhist house


Gods generosity

                                            RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE

GOD answered our second prayer too,which was i asked prayer in my last
blog .The place where iam staying the same place we got one
room for my DMM team and this area is very new for us to
ministry and also lots of Bhuddhis

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  1. This is so awesome, Annu! We are so amazed at the work the Lord is doing through you and challenged by the great efforts you all are making to spread God's word! We pray the love and peace of Christ fills you and your co-laborers, and the Holy Spirit anoints you to carry the Gospel.