Monday, 4 December 2017


IS 55:8-9 God's thoughts are different than my thoughts.
As we plan and decide for our journey the number of people said no to this gospel trip and we came to a conclusion with 10 people,but as we start our history maker journey to our land God add 2 more members in our team which i did'nt expected it was God who planed well for this trip 12 people call the 12 disciples of Jesus and also God want to see the 12 tribes of Israel in our team.I was amazed seeing our number increased because in the begining when i ask the believers they were not so ready to go,the reason was they have a problem with the high altitude difficult to breath because the place where we are going it's 15000 ft high above sea level.So the other reason was extreame cold they can't bear,hearing all this i decided in my heart even no one goes i will go and my mom will go it was the final decision from my heart but God plan in such a way that is awsome.Atlast 12 of us went.

                                      PREPARE WITH ARMOR OF GOD

God's protection was upon us in every situation as we start our journey we stop every station on the mountain and we started praying for sanctification of the land and we prayed a prayer of sowing seed of gospel in the land as we begin the journey non of us got sick not even a car sick or slight headache.God was in control over health in our group though some old members too were there in our group who were saying before they have breathing problem but nothing happen to them God was their strength all God's glory.

            After crossing 250-300 km from the place where we stay,we stop in one village in that whole village only one family they believe in Christ we met the family and we prayed for the family and we hear their testimonies it was a heart touching testimonies we were filled with tears in our eyes.At the same time we were encouraged to know that the family started a fellowship in their house,though it was hard and difficult to stay or start a fellowship in the midts of buddhist people.So 12 of us we share the love of God to them morally we strengthen the family as we spend 2 hrs in that village.
                                        SOWING SEED OF WORD OF GOD

As we go higher and higher we feel the level of oxygen was less,and our body started getting cold but still then we feel from inside very strong and spiritual warmness and full of zealness to reach out every single people on the mountain,so we met indian armies because its a border to china so we distributed bibles with the word of encouragemet we started sowing the seed of word of God, specialy i was blessed seeing the old ladies and old man distributing the bible without thinking of cold and it was first time for them distributing bible with joy i was looking at them.


It was a time of giving thanks to God for the success program we had in Tawang with the believers and also with the unsaved people,we could able to go on the mountain and stretch out our hands and praying over the buddhist land.I was filled with the heart of God when we were gathering together with the believers who are living in the hard places God push me to say thank you to those missionaries who were there from long back i was greatful to them with my tears

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