Saturday, 4 November 2017

                                7th YEAR GOD'S NUMBER YEAR OF LIBERTY

How God led me this 7th year to find the lost ethnic group,as i was looking back to my dairy i found the memories that i have jot down,it helps me to think of God's faithfulness throughout this 7 year,there were times that i feel to give up but then it was God who stretch out his hands and led me to celebrate this 7th year of our monpa fellowship Anniversary i realized the rest of the people are also trying to reachout the lost buddhist soul and they couldn't even yet started but God gave me this privileged to be the first one to reach out although 7 years before i didn't even know God's heart for this people and today God took me this far to complete 7year of victory.He encourage me that i have been a bridge last 7years for this lost soul helping them to connect people.As we see in Lev 25:8-10 specially the 7th year is very significant while i was reading one word stop me and it was Liberty it makes me to think of freedom and doing something new,i was blessed to know that i have completed 7 years working with buddhist people as a church in charge i can say i have fought the good fight,i have finish the race.I have kept the faith.

                                        GIVING BIRTH OF A NEW HOUSE CHURCH

On 22 november God started moment in our church planting,we start new house church with new people families they are from buddhist background God bless us this family He want us to see supper natural growth in saving soul through this family,we keep putting our faith in Him,and started involving not only one church but now two church we believe this two church is not enough God want us to see 200/ church more multiplication and to see this happen God encourage us as a team and individual not to doubt,not to afraid but fix our eyes on Him and keep trusting and walking,He remind us from Matt 14:27-31 when peter was afraid he begain to sink and even from Joshua1:9 God repeated the same encouragement again to our team to not to be afraid but be strong and courageous through this encouragement we could able to check our heart and we came to know that somewhere we are afraid and doubting and God doesn't want us to work in that way,keeping His word in our heart we are marching on now.

                                        GOD OF HISTORY WANT US TO MAKE HISTORY

No one in the past has taken this step.No one ever tried yet.
But God's choosen one are going to take this step,we are going to make history on this 9th november 2017,iam taking 10 members from our church who are also from buddhist background,to the land where people are afraid to share gospel and the land is dominated by buddhist religious leaders where the stronghold of Buddhism rules.10 of us are going to declare God's kingdom on that land and iam thankful to God for His plan and  making us ready this 7th year we are doing new things which will never be forgotten generation of Buddhist people.Iam excited to see what God is going to do.
Thank you for reading my blog.

1)pray for new house church to grow strong in numbers and it will multiply.
2)pray for God's protection upon every members who are going Tawang for gospel.
3)pray for God's favour upon our work and for the successful program, and through us people  will be blessed.

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