Sunday, 8 October 2017

                                                 HELPERS FROM GOD

This is how God sees the need of our team,for time being .And He send helpers from shillong DTS outreach team to work with our DMM team for a month we had a great time reaching out all the places where we haven't visited yet,like going to every shopkeepers and praying telling the truth to them we all spread in the market,it was from before in my heart whenever i read ps 127:1-2 God was telling me to do and we could able to do with the team.

                                           NEW FAMILY CAME TO CHRIST

It was a moment to say thank you God for accepting new member in the kingdom of God ,while walking house to house door to door sharing gospel every houses never know that God was taking us to meet this bengali family  so atlast we reach and we did our part of sharing,God did His part of welcoming this family in His kingdom and then they receive christ as their personal savior we will be meeting this family time to time and we will have fellowship with the family.

                                              MIRACLE OF GOD TOOK PLACE

As we can see in Acts 19:6-12 the Holy Spirit started working in Paul's life,when he placed his hands on people they spoke in tongues and prophesied and even sick and illness were healed and even evil spirit left from the people.Today also God is doing the same thing God is not old days God if it's happen to paul then why not with us too and we have seen,one night one of my student she call me and she told that her elder sister is not feeling well from 1week and also she is control by evil spirit so i said morning we will come for prayer so we went and prayed by the power of God heald her.

The lady who is in the middle iam on her left with green shirt she  is free from evil spirit now praise God for healing her and using our team.

                                                         ATTACK OF ENEMY

Enemy was so alert because we are building God's kingdom in every places where we go,so we face spiritual warfare too in our team and individual too,i got hurt on my toe while walking going for prayer it was so painful but still i didn't stop going out and saving soul,and again i got high fever,cold,cough and headache still i continue right now also iam having fever and feeling weak my body iam on my sick bed testifying who christ is in my sickness and suffering because i know He is going to heal me right now iam in the battle field and God is the victory giver He will give victory.Thank you for reading my blog and praying for me.

1)Pray for fast recovery of my health.
2)We want to start new fellowship among new believers .
3)God's protection upon our team DMM.

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  1. Great News Annu about the family who came to Christ and the girl who was healed. Thanks for being faithful!