Thursday, 7 September 2017

                                                  GOD'S EYES ON OUR LIFE

We as a team DMM start working,doing all the ministry following the schedule but we felt as a team even though we do the ministry if we are not serious with God all our busyness in ministry is vain.We felt that God is serious with us and we too need to be serious with Him in everything He speak or does.So on friday we took fasting and God assure us reminding His promise which He gave us long back Ezekiel 11:17-18 He is making sure that He will bring back the lost soul but me and my team need to be serious with Him, sometimes taking lightly the task that God gave us we are not serious with Him.
Even He spoke to us through Luke10:18 not only lost soul will be saved but also He has given authority the blessings the power to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing can harm us.
 And we three of us repent for not being serious with Him we make new commitment                           with God. After we feel so light in our spirit and even more confidence in ourselves.

                                    SPIRITUAL JOURNEY GROWS AS WE OBEY.

As i personally experience the blessings that i receive from God, it was a rainy day i was coming back to my room and when i check my bag all my bible and notebook was wet because of the rain,so that moment i said to myself i need one waterproof bag where i can put my bible and notebook and it will not get wet that much only said to myself but after 3-4 days later someone send to me a nice bag and it was waterproof seeing that i was overwhelming by joy and amazed by His work.
          Willingness to obey will not only bless you with material things but also we saw unity in the team and also the Spirit that never giving up prayers for the lost,this all started seeing in our team as i saw the team is functioning how God wants, God Spirit started talking to me more clear more detail and not only for team but also God spoke to me for other believers who came to different fellowship which we have.God spoke to us during worship in the fellowship He express His heart to me saying He is not looking for perfection but the true worshiper,who will worship in truth and in spirit,He is seeking for that as it says in John 4:23 and in next sunday God spoke to me for the people of Buddhist world who were gathered that day and He said they have been using their ears the physical ears to listen but nt the spiritual ears are opend so now God is saying to ask God to help our ears to open and also the mouth to open to glorify Him alone so that they will not shut their mouth to save the lost by sharing gospel.
God is active in communicating with us and also intrested in individual lives.
Yet more to reveal from God and to know God's plan for our life and ministry pls keep reading my blogg.

Prayer ------
1)Pray for boldness in our team to share gospel to anyone.
2)Pray for unity in our team .
3)Pray that God will send more people to work with me with passion to serve God.
And they will have vision to reach out the Buddhist world.

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