Tuesday, 8 August 2017

                                                 INSTRUCTION FROM GOD

Team formed as DMM (DISCIPLE  MAKING MOVEMENT),as we prayed and we felt to keep this name.So God anoint us with this name DMM and in our team me and the brother from manipur and sister from vijaynagar working.
Iam blessed to have this brother and sister in my team God answer our prayer so fast and i remember how i wish to have team when i went alone to share gospel,though some challenges are their but i know God is sharping me more sometimes i face difficult to make them understand of what God's heart is for the Buddhist people andi get tired of thinking of when they will have the fire to reach out the lost soul of Buddhist??So i was thinking all this and God once again reminded me of this promise that He will not let me do all alone but He will instruct me where ? When ? How ?when should go ? What should do ? How should start ? I receive this in the year 2015 and again this time 2017 He spoke to me through psalms 32:8 now with patience iam waiting on God's timing and His instructions starting new ministry is not very easy frustration,tired,discouragement all attacks me but God's loving eye guided me counsel me on time.

                                        DON'T STOP MOVE ON.....

We were rejected from two Buddhist families. It was hard to return from those houses who rejected the gospel,but God open another door for us and they were not Buddhist they were hindus 10 people on the street they listen to gospel and even they glorify God at that moment i felt enemy was not happy seeing what we are doing and some other hindu people came and started disturbing us and i knew that it's a spiritual warfare, so i started praying and those people left.God encourage our team through His word in Matthew 10:12-14 to leave the home or town who will not welcome you or listen,and shake the dust of your feet so we move to other who are welcoming us but those were not Buddhist and as God said and peace rest on it.


He knew that iam not satisfied with what our team is doing, so He helps us out to fined 3 Buddhist families and we found and had a blessed time with them in the fellowship....

                                              BLESSING FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING.

On friday we focus all other non believers and believers to feed spiritual food.So from the time we got this in charge of this friday fellowship so many people started coming in our fellowship and God use this fellowship as a streams of water who ever come thirsty they will be filled as word of God conform us from psalms 1:3.

Every now and then God is doing something great that makes me satisfied with His work iam grateful to God and iam Thankful to all of you for reading my blog.Please keep me and my team in your prayer.

Prayer :
1)Pray for my two staff for God's heart for Buddhist people and willingness spirit.
2)Pray for the spirit of patience to be in the team.
3)Pray for God's provision of finance in our team specialy for transportation.

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