Thursday, 6 July 2017


Starting with my goal to reach out the unreach people and trained the saved one was difficult in the beginning,in a very hot scorching sunny day i went out to share the love of God alone no one has time to listen the truth which i brought for all no one want to give their time in the busy world,i was sad in the beginning going out alone searching for the lost soul carrying the good news but no one has interested as i walk out on the street it makes me feel bad of their ignorance,but still than i shared with people remembering what Jesus command the disciple when they went for blessing the household as it's says in Matt 10:12-14 i was encouraged  knowing that and i moved on training the saved ones where 18 people came to be trained ,discouragement cannot stop me doing His work.


He answer our prayer and one brother and one sister they feel that God is calling them to work with me so they decided to join with me .On sunday we had a fasting program and their we cry out to God to speak to us and He was not silent He spoke to us in a very different way there were only four of us taking fasting and God spoke to 3 of us by showing the vision, and He said we are the keys for unlock the locks,at that moment i couldn't understand but later He slowly remind me of the key which i got from God i drew and even i put the verses from bible Matt 16:19 during our Sons&daughters retreat time and it confirm me.
And another person saw narrow road with small yellow colour houses which was the glory of God.Matt 7:13-14.
And also we came to know God want us to stand behalf of those lost soul and ask forgiveness of their sins,as Moses did,Nehemiah did 1:6-7.

            PROMISE OF GOD FOR
              BUDDHIST  WORLD

What He promise Ez 11:17-19  He is doing the scatterd ones bringing back and i got opportunity to meet those people who were scatterd and they invite me in their houses i share the heart of God for them.They even asked me to dedicate their new vehicle to the Lord,at the same time i was

 teaching the ywam staff about God's hospitality and it leads me to do first myself then teach

so i invited some people for food in our rented house God did miracle again only one gas cylinder we have and i was worried if it's finish while cooking then what i will do ? But God knows that He will never put me shame so it last long still iam using that gas cylinder It's almost 4 months now,God is amazing He does things which is so unexpressible and i know through all this experiences i will know more of His love and His greatness.

1)pray for God's understanding and unity in our team.
2)pray for good health in our team.
3)pray for God's provision of fridge and bed.

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  1. happy to hear you have co-workers to join you, tell us more about them. Praying for you Annu!