Thursday, 8 June 2017

                                                   UNEXPECTED WORK OF GOD.
As the things were slowly settling so i was started to do ministry starting with the prayer for the salvation who are lost in the Buddhist world,and also i started praying for the one who are saved from Buddhist background so that they can too train to train others.For this prayer i took fasting every Friday and i made a prayer list and i paste it on the kitchen wall and washroom wall so that i can see all the time and i will pray it was just one month only praying in this way and God did His work from my lost list one girl call me and she said she want to accept Christ amazing,and from my saved list one lady who is a research officer she was ready to be trained to train others,i remember how God spoke to us from the bible Ezekiel 11:17-19 He will bring back since they were scattered and give them back the land and giving them new heart of flesh.As God spoke God did.


With little faith in me i start planning to go to Nainital it's in the north part of India to trained that lady but there was no finance to go it's a long journey so i start praying for train tickets,fees for the training for food and lodge but God plan was bigger than my plan i was praying to travel by train and God provide flight tickets for both of us back and forth,not only that but also going their it's helps me to feel the heart beat of our Father for the lost soul.

                                              JESUS FEEDS THE FIVE THOUSAND

When we see in the bible Mark 6:38-44 Jesus multiply two fish and five loaves and all the five thousand people ate .It's not only those days but this days too Jesus is multiplying on 3th Sunday i arranged fellowship at our rented house since our rooms are empty so many people can seat on the floor.After the fellowship i prepared noodles for them but it was only two packets like two fish and i prayed in the kitchen for multiplication as i serve to all it was exactly for all.

My shoe was torn and i went to cobbler to stitches but again it was not properly fixed and i was thinking i can't buy now because i have to pay my rent room and this time i have to give beginning of the first week all this thoughts makes me not to buy shoe,but God cares for me and God send an angel to bless me shoe ,and more over that same week one more angel came and bless me some finance to pay the rent room. God is a God who knows every heart desire,can't stop sharing His work in me .Thank you so much for reading my blog it encourages me a lot seeing your comments and blessing words.

1)I need right people to work with me pray for committed people.
2)Pray for the believers they will open their doors for training as i want to trained them.
3)Pray for God's anointing and wisdom .

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  1. Wow! Such an amazing testimony of Gods goodness in your life. We are praying for you sister.