Monday, 8 May 2017

                                      TAKING A SMALL STEP TOWARDS MY GOAL
                                                                  WITH HOPE

This last few days we were praying and asking God to open door to get rent room for starting my ministry and miracles way He open the door for us were my sister,me n my mom stay together,looking forward to see many other Monpa people to get shelter in our rented room though its small in the beginning but it's not an end it's just a beginning of our ministry as i trust my Father He will work it out the rest also as He has been doing from the beginning.

                                       GOD'S ANSWER TO OUR PRAYER

 And we experience His provision in our new rent room,the first day when we shift we got table and chair blessing .

and than the mattress to sleep

after that even we got blessing some families old screen to put up on our windows

and this is our water filter which was also a blessing though its small and takes time to fill but we are happy that we are drinking filter water and its all for God's glory that i'm sharing,
Even there was a time that when i was worried for the lunch since we were just shift in the new rent room and we don't have enough vessel to cook and God send an angel to invite our family for lunch in their house we were so blessed to eat pork in their house.God has been so available for our needs He send some families and they bless us their old....

plates,cups, spoon and knife so now we can  use our kitchen.


 A.G church they call me to give exhortations in the church and their God reminded me of 2 king 5 the story of Naaman how God heald him from his leprosy using small girl the servant the importance of obedient and the importance of faith to God.

Where in the fellowship God challenge me from the scripture Matthew 13
To be like good soil the more we sow the more we get the fruits sowing generously wherever we go start sowing.This word has been stirring me to be generous in sowing seed in the Buddhist world.So thankful to all of you for reading my blog and encouraging me.I have given my prayer points so that you will see how God is answering your prayer for me by putting up new prayer points crossing another level with God.
1)Give thanks to God for answering our prayer we got the rent room.
2)Pray for one brother his name is Rintea he have a heart for Buddhist but not sure to work with me pray for right direction.
3)Pray for bed to sleep ,rooms are still yet to fill no chair if the visitor comes.


  1. I am so happy to see how God is miraculously providing for you guys! Continue to shine for him.

  2. great job Annu, glad to see your vision all coming together! Praying for more provision! Remember what I told you in December? you were faithful with little, now God is blessing you with more because he has found you trustworthy. Start believing him for BIG things!

    1. Amen ! It's realy happening Tammyma thank you.

    2. Thank you, dear Sister for the good word. I read the Word today from II Kings 5 and was blessed. :-) Praying for you today and your upcoming wedding. May God bless you and guide you, Jesus always near and in the power of the Holy Spirit.