Monday, 10 April 2017

Mission Trip to Tawang

On date 12 we were on our way to a place called as Tawang. It is situated on an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level. As we were moving going higher and higher we experienced very heavey snow fall with very strong winds  on our way and all the vehicles got stuck on the mountain. We started praying siting inside a vehicle and that very moment God opened a way. Only our vehicle did not even slip once and we reached our location earlier than the other vehicles. God did miracle after miracles. He answerd all the prayers that our friends prayed for and for a safe journey. He even opened our spiritual eyes to see the stagnant believers in that place where the missionaries also were quietly and drifting away from God's calling. I felt that moment that the land needs God's workers to sow the seed of gospel very much and we gave short trainings to the believers who were outsiders and to the local believers from their own land. As a believer or as a worker of Christ life is not easy in Tawang. Many left the place due to extreme cold climate sometimes it comes down to -2 degrees. We found out that gospel sharing is not easy because of opposing parties. Worker's are struggling and it challenges me a lot to start my work soon among those people. God revealed His heart for these people from Ezekiel 36:24-36 specially verse 26 where it says that He will give a new heart and new spirit. It gives me hope that these people will soon receive a heart of flesh.

During our research God used me to make new friends from that community and those two friends become our person of peace they invited us to go to their village and we went knowing that its risky to share the gospel in that place but God used us. We came to know that they don't believe in creation or in a Creator so God allowed me to share the creation story to the villagers and as I shared I realized that they never heard the name of Jesus. It was for the first time that they heard the name of Jesus. We prayed for them and we returned with good news like Joshua and Caleb who during their time were the only two people that came back with good news but as for us 4 of us returned with good news. With prayers in our hearts we ask God to send in workers to the Monpa people.

Thank you so much for your prayers, every prayer had been answered.

Prayer points:
1) Pray that I would get a house to start my ministry for my people the Monpas.

2) Pray for people who will be obedient to God's call and join with me for Gods vision for the Monpa people.

3) Pray for God's wisdom in the decisions that I make for what's next in my ministry life.

On the road to Tawang
My two new local friends from Tawang
My team
A local man from Tawang

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