Friday, 5 June 2020


Even in times as this,God's name is always lifted high wether we go out and call a mass gathering or not,He will be always in high.
As i was asking God to open creative doors to do something that will glorify His name and i was waiting for the opportunity and just after that week phone call came from a family who needs prayer for their new born baby,i was filled with joy to go and visit the family not only the family of the new born baby but after reaching there one buddhist family they ask for the prayer  to pray for their son who have a lung cancer,it was the time that i feel that God works will never stop and no one can stop no matter what situation comes i got priviledge to share who my God is,and what He can do then we prayed for the son and the whole family.This is how anywhere anytime God's name is glorifying.


Seeing fear and doubts in our staffs who are working with us in the same mission God use me and my husband to boost them up in the spirit by connecting through technology of this days mobile whatsapp we encourage them to keep ourself busy in going deeper in the word of God,so we start our bible study everyday,it really help them and it helps us too ,to see through our life how we are growing in the Lord and how we can make right with God.During this pandemic time God taught us many things one of them is valuing the Relationships to build our relationship more stronger, me and my husband went and help them in their need when they were shifting the rooms this is how we tried to show our love and concern for them.
This is how God is preparing me and my husband in different areas of our life so that it will be fruitful in the coming days.
Thank you for reading my blog may God bless all.
Few prayer points:
1)Need more Wisdom as a new couple and going to be new papa and mom.
2)More doors to open for ministry with the lost soul.
3)Ask the Lord to add more numbers of people who will join the bible training though online.
               Thank you for your prayer.

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