Thursday, 9 March 2017


On the third week of my training. I was listening to the gentle voice of God and it came with message of this broken world. God broke my heart by showing me His broken heart and the urgency of saving souls not in a small number but in a multiples. Everywhere, anytime,and by anyone for the world. So He started expressing his feelings to me and I noted it down into a poem.

              SON OF MAN
                   LK 19:10.

God's heart is seeking
Lost souls of this world,
God's heart is seeking
Those who cry for the world.

He carries the burdens for all,
In 30 pieces of silver He was sold
only for the sake of this world.

Knocking at the door of each soul
Again and again He calls,
Desperate desire He has 
Just to reach out to each soul.

His love for lost souls is more n more
Open the heart of peoples goals,
Gods heart breaks for this world
When He sees the lost souls.

He says multiply multiply person of peace
Consistent prayer this world needs,
Father's heart goes deeper deeper to see
Free free salvation to each of thee.

Different cultures, different languages
He is longing for,
Near far across the world
He is wanting more.

Saving souls and open doors
He is looking for,
Limitless love,unconditional love  He pours,
Only for lostness of soul.

Catalyst pray and go
Scatter the seeds and sow,
Spread the gospel where you go,
Baptize and disciple as He called,
Call n gather multiply leader all
Catalyse the movements in the world.
                   By Annu (Tsering Tsomu)

It boosts my spirit to go and share this very important message to the world and it is message that He gave us before He went up to heaven. To go and make disciples not just lead them to know Christ but also make disciples and to train them. Matt 28:18-20 God wants me to be very serious of what Jesus had commanded and put that into practice. I realized that I had to start from that week itself.

So I prayed and made a list of 20 names who rare not saved. I prayed again for them and God started stirring up my heart to share to one of the person from the list. She is a Buddhist lady. I called her to talk to her and God made everything possible she was so open to gospel, open to her problems too. In this way God led me to many others too and just in one week I shared with sixteen people. God started working on what He spoke to me.

The feelings of this world being lost took me to the streets to share with many about my life how God called me to be His daughter. And being His daughter how privileged I feel. The need of a daddy is very important in life. Through Psalms 127 :1-5  God spoke to me  the importance of ""God in our lives"". Without God no matter how much hardwork we do it is all in vain. He spoke to me to be desperate to have Him. I realised that if I'm in desperate need of Him in my life then I will see fruitful result. So I'm going on an exploratory trip to Tawang carrying God's vision in my heart. Bless you all for reading my blog.

Prayer points:

1)pray for a good health.

2)Unity in the team I'm with.

3)The  anointing that Joshua and  Caleb had to reach the promise land and to come back with good news.

Here are some of my training pictures from a cultural night event...


  1. Beautiful post Annu! We are praying for you

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  3. Beautiful post, Anna...praying for you this week!

  4. That is beautiful, Annu! Praying for health and strength for you this morning!