Friday, 10 February 2017

Unexpected answer from God

I started my training at KML(kingdom movement Launch) on the 8th of February with my own preoccupied thoughts and expectations. After leading ministry for years I decided to do this training in order to step down to a student's level from a level of leadership. I wanted to  learn and receive and not lead. I made up my mind not to lead or teach but only to listen... Two days of learning in the centre and I felt like I haven't learned any thing because I saw that there was pride in me. This was because of the knowledge that I had gained over the course of me being a leader. I had set my mind to expecting something very great from God from the first day. I had high expectations that He will show me great and wonderful things.... perhaps things that I haven't even dreamed of before. And things didn't turn up the way I thought and expected in the first two days..


God spoke to me and He reminded me of Elijah in the book of 1kings 19:11-14. He too was expecting that God will appear in a powerful wind but it did not happen. He thought that God would appear to him in an earthquake but it didn't happen. And again he thought that God would appear in a fire but it didn't happen, but in a gentle whisper God spoke to him. The same thing happened with me on the 3rd day of my training. God started showing me the purpose of being in KML.


The words that God gave me last year were repeated again and again in KML. These words give me new ideas to start a ministry for my own people group which has only 0.30 percentage of believers. The  least unreached people group in the world. The promise verses that God gave me become more clear when I read Isaiah 54:2.  I truly feel like this was not only a confirmation from God but it was also an urgent call for my unreached people. This was after I spent time listening and hearing from God. The plans that I had for myself this season was not to lead nor to teach but to step down to the level of a student and just spend time listening and learning. But God's  plan was totally different. He had plans for my people so He spoke to the Leader of KML to appoint me as one of the leaders of the research teams. The place where we will be going to is Tawang (my home town)  Now I understand that it was God's strategic plan to use me for His glory among my own people. So I submitted myself to God and I said yes to be a leader.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and praying for me. There are many things that God is confirming to me through this training KML (KINGDOM MOVEMENT LAUNCH)

Prayer Points:

1)God's humility  to rest on me so that I will learn from younger ones too.

2) I need more of God's wisdom and His love so that I will be a blessing to my people and  my team members.

3)God's fresh anointing and protection over me and my team members.

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