Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Through out my life this is my first time i have learned the importance of giving vote in election.So i felt privileged to choose our leader for our nation with prayer.During the month of election as a team we had fasting prayer for all the candidates and even for the first time personally voting was a new experience and God allow me to meet the MLA i could able to renounced God's kingship in his residents God plan for me to go for intercession to the highest and the lowest.

As i was visiting my fanilies back home i can see the life without Jesus living is measurable and it's hurts a lot to see them uninformed about Jesus and dying this is painful too for God,so thid time God call me to be a counselor in the family specially to counsel the elders was not easy but it was God who use me to help one of my uncle who was addicted to alcohol all his family they try to stop him but it was difficult for him to stop but when God started working in him he stop and i got time to share about Christ love for him and importance of his life and God restore his life now he is living a new life.All glory to God.

                 ABUNDANT IN GOD'S HOUSE
It was been 2-3years i was desiring to wear branded shoe but when i went to the show
room i came to know the cost of the shoe was quitehigh 4-7000/ so i left the shop and stop having that desire and i forgot but after 2-3 years there was someone who remember my desire even though i myself forgot what i was longing for,but He remember my desire My God my Father and my Friend He provided me one branded shoe and also with two other shoe which was never been in my
mind.This is what our God can do.Thank you Jesus for sending angel.
Prayer-1)Pray for God's provision for our DMM outreach to unreach place.
2)Pray for upcoming our 10th ywam A.P Anniversary for success
3)Pray for the DMM team unity.

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