Wednesday, 10 February 2021



It was not easy at all to go and meet grandparents of Osher during this pandemic time but i got a Word from God which says ..

may the Lord bless you and protect you in Numbers 6:24.with that word i receive full confident to take her to village.By His grace and protection we could able to attain village sunday church with Osher grandparents.


As a parents seeing our little one growing is such a joy but seeing clothes getting tight for her and need of new clothes makes us to think of our budget for our family.

Being in the village not expecting one trolly full of new clothes for Osher but it happen Osher aunt bless one trolly full of new clothes it was abundant of blessings.

1)Gods provision of house
2)Osher healing from skin infection
3)Gods protection upon our journey back to our mission field.



Saturday, 9 January 2021


         Giving is more difficult than receiving

we  all know 2020 was unlike any other year for the whole world. It was not easy for everyone to give but even in this difficult time,  God was faithful to us as he always does, there were still some heros of faith, who prayerfully reach out to us in action. Before the end of the year,  we felt grateful enough to expressed our gratitutde  in person by visiting  families though it  was challenging. By the strength  of God  my husband and I  left our baby with my sister and went out to  give handmade christmas card and soap as a christmas gift to each family. We felt the  joy of God  as the family gladly welcome us and received the small gift. We came back praising God for His faithfulness. 


Coming out and meeting lots of people in the church was first time for Osher.I was bit worry seeing many people in the church but God protected Osher and her christmas was such a blessing christmas for her she was blessed with gifts and love from elders.

You can remember us in prayer.

Prayer points:

1)  pray for good health and protection upon  volunteers who break their bread to partner with us in our calling. 

2) by march we have to find house for our family, its an urgent prayer request to taste and see God's goodness again. 

3. We will be  going to my husband village this month for family get together, we need  prayer  for protection and Gods  favour on our transportation.

Saturday, 5 December 2020

Month of great things


It's been years pioneering spirit was in rest but last month God recaptured our heart without knowing how God led us to start new ministry in this pendamic time and also while our baby Osher still young only 2months old.We felt so peace after we started "CROSS ROAD PRAYER"we sense so much in the Spirit  the broken families,uncleaned spirit of believers and yes healing for land we prayed as three of us went for cross road prayer.We decided to go for Cross Road prayer every first week of the month.


There is always good and bad times i was so down from last 2months struggling with my health i don't really understand the pain that i have in my wrist and all the fingers that  really disturbs my emotions at times.God has blessed us as we desire beautiful daughter in our family i find difficult to lift her up and carry my heart breaks when i really want to carry her long time but could'nt and this is the time that baby needs to be with parents i felt so much of God's help.One after another my health problem that breaks me down,i waited and have fasted for one day and then went for treatment.One evening out of sudden Osher was in fever 100temperature only trusting God for healing we prayed and next morning she was healed God spoke to me Osher become my idol she become the delight of my heart and i should know this beautiful gift is from God this really convict me i undeestand God's love for my family He has not given up on me,Iam on my medication and He will heal me completely iam thankful to God for loving me so much that he has send man of God my husband who always there to help in my sickness and not only when i need physical help but also spiritually standing with me with prayer and encouragement.


Facing death no body likes specially the family who lost their husband,father for them it was hard time. We as a minister of God comforting the families who have lost their dear ones,due to covid we fast for His life we stand with the family in prayer but God's will is always best though we and the family does'nt understand.As i look back i noticed last month we as a family we stand in fast and prayer also with those ywam leaders who are suffering with cancer,God open our hearts for others rather than looking at our own circumstances,leaving every problem of ours aside and hearing God's voice for others.


With joy and thankfulness we dedicate Osher to God.As we met the believers for the first time after the first lockdown seeing Osher they express their love and joy by blessing word,prayer and gifts.

Few prayer points:

1)Healing touch on my wrist and test report for miracle.

2)God'intervention in our family as we celebrate this christmas.

3)To continue cross road prayer and guidance as we will be going for house visiting this month. 

      Thank you.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Beautiful life in Christ


Osher is such a joy to our family,she is leading us more close to God everyday. Iam blessed by God having our little angel Osher seeing her each day i could able to say thank you God every day. As a mother and father working in the mission which runs by faith where we have to trust God for everything from toilery to our food,now trusting for Oshers needs too first time i have tried stiching cloths for her and it came out good,so that we can manage for other thing too. God is also helping us to be more creative to run the family. When we value God's gift in our family God also allow us to use what we have little so we got opportunity to cook and serve what we have little to the woman who have deliver a baby in this pandemic.


One afternoon as me and my husband we were talking what we will have in the lunch since that afternoon we got nothing to eat only rice we had,but right time God send non believer to bless us with the vegetable which we dont get in our town. This way God showed up His faithfulness towards our family we enjoyed the lunch that afternoon,not only He care for parents but He cares for our little one weeks before we got blessing for Osher diaper and Nan milk. All that i know is God is on time. 



As a young parents when our baby turn 2months got priviledge to lead online worship with the elders of many different organization. God use me and my husband with unexpected God's people. We are blessed and we want to be a blessing in every field.


1)God's healing on my both arm.

2)As a family we need a house we are staying in the ministry house.

3)God's wisdom to raise our little one in godly way.

             Thank you so much.

Monday, 5 October 2020



As Osher was completing her 2weeks with us,the joy of my heart grows more and more seeing her overcoming all the sickness by God's strength,after some days i was emotionally down because of my health all part of my joints started paining,tooth ache started, fever and throat pain all together i was strugling cannot eat food properly mean while one mid night 1am to 2am God spoke to us as a family that He is still the God and He want to comunicate through thunder and lightening with us who can do everything as its says in psalms 18.


Nothing is new to God,though we struggle taking care of newly Osher in our life as Father & mother but at the same time we are enjoying learning new things to be a parents for Osher.Every new day is a challenge for us with fear and asking God for wisdom to take care of her now she is growing she is 48days old,Our day become night and night become day,our good God always has good planned for us and he send sisters to help in this very time she helps us in cooking and also carrying baby and yes my own sister from the first day taking care of Osher though it was also for her first time she dearly loved Osher so much iam so much blessed.


No matter where we are what the situation is we felt that doing good is nothing wrong in difficult situation as God led my husband to cook for those who are sick got corona positive believers.It was God good heart that led him to do the good work in difficult situation,praise God.

Here are some prayer points:

1)Ask God to open the door for ministry opportunity in Tawang next month.

2)Need wisdom as a newly parents.

3)God's provision for Osher's diaper.


Friday, 4 September 2020


                    GREATEST GIFT OF GOD

Life totally changed from inside to outside receiving this greatest gift from God Osher.The day she came to the world on 18th  of August 10:40am in the morning my pain has gone as the bible Jh 16:21 When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.It was the time to know greatest miracle of God a human being coming into my life,amazed to express my thankfulness to God of His wonderful plan to form this little angel into our family.I remember when she was in my womb i prayed to God and i talked to her that i don't have strength to deliver normally so i asked God to give strength and asked Osher to come out with her own strength and i strongly felt that day it was the strength of God who help me to bring this little angel into this world.

                       TEST OF MY FAITH

Being as a new mother just two days baby holding in my arm i fall in love with her with new everything and also with lots of fear about how to hold and taking care of her since no one in my family knows taking care of newborn baby it gives me more panic and nervous so on 3rd day we went to hospital just to show her since baby was crying so much and we came to know that she got jaundice and kidney infection hearing that breaks my heart and i couldn't able to handle myself i cried deeply and asking God for her life she was in ICU it just happen after two days of delivery i was not recover too i was in the situation were emotionally i was broken thinking of Osher health in ICU and physically i was in pain my wound were very new all at once i was going through,and not only those area of my life but also financially we were in need of paying the bills of hospital but we know our God is good all the time in all situation,He send people to bless us in prayer so that our little angel can healed,in finance so that we can pay all the bills of hospital and food so that we can eat in the hospital blessed with many generouse people who stand with us in our hard time.5th day in the hospital i felt i pass the test of faith and in the evening Osher was with us in my arm with the victory of God.

Psalms 91 we proclaimed for Osher.

Thank you so much for being ready to fight the battle for us.

Few prayer points:

1)Protection for Osher life.

2)Need Wisdom to take care of Osher 

3)To grow more in faith and in love.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Work of God in month of July.


Amazing time of worship with our team and special friend in Christ pema choizom who received Christ as her personal saviour newly.
Coming together with one heart in this hard time we felt more close to one another and also felt so much of joy.It was not we but it was God who planned for this day.

                     FIRE FOR GOD CALL

In my 8months running i got a phone call from one believer she call us for prayer for her brother who was suffering from cancer and jaundice and he is not a believer but strong buddhist follower.At this pendemic situation where pregnant lady are not very safe to go out but i was restless knowing that they need prayer and inside my heart fire of God was calling me so i said to my husband i will go and we went and got opportunity to share who Christ is and what is their choice for their life.It was not easy going there it was far and difficult situation but when God said ok everything goes well.


We search for God in our life,coming together as a team once a week and feed ourself by the living word,it refreshes us and also gives hope to see more greater things in days to come as we keep seeking God in our life.This time my husband deliver message to us and encourage us.

              SLOW TO ANGER IS OUR GOD

As we were facing people who are trying to get more during this lockdown period of time no compassion,no faithfulness,no concern for poor instead stealing,full of lies increasing money in everything though the order has been given by authority to all the shopkeepers they were not ready to reduce single pie it makes me anger as i went to buy vegetable i shouted at them i didn't realize that iam crossing the limit when i got the message from Ep 4:26 It says in your anger do not sin later i felt i was too high in anger and i confess to all what i did.This is how God is dealing with me in my character.
       My few prayer points
1)Need more God's wisdom in my family.
2)God's protection upon my family and our fellowship members.
3)Need prayer support for my normal delivery due date is 9th august and God's provision.
         Thank you.